So who the f are we anyway?

We are Bryan and Jenn Peters. Just a pair of normal Peters (paranormal Peters, get it?) who enjoy horror, humor, and history. We've always loved a good story. Often being drawn to spooky stories, 80s-style horror flicks, and dark history. On a road trip, we dreamed up Gravely Amusing. A hub to share all the dark and slightly amusing things we love.

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Who the heck is Bryan?

Bryan is a question mark wrapped in an enigma.

A self-proclaimed "Pop Culture Guru", Bryan is the host of Gravely Amusing. Bryan brings over 30 years of study in film history, folklore, and horror to the table with a comedic flair. 

Bryan grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and has no problem telling anyone how different it is to Ohio. He is a comedian, writer, film critic, and daytime IT guy. 

Bryan Loves his wife, pets, cherry coke, comic books, and the paranormal.

If you wish to talk geek or give any topic suggestions for the show, follow him on Twitter @manchildofsteel or at our Twitter podcast @gravely_amusing

Who the heck is Jenn?

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What the heck is Gravely Amusing?

We're a podcast that combines our love of horror, humor, and pop culture to bring you a unique and entertaining listening experience. From scary movies to cheesy TV shows, we cover it all with a little added wit and some laughs.

We cover a variety of topics and mediums, from TV shows and movies to urban folklore and weird history. If it tickles our slightly spooky hearts, you can bet we will share it on Gravely Amusing!

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Cast & Crew:

Bryan Peters - Host
Jenn Peters - Producer


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In The Press:

Haha. You're joking, right?

Since you're still here...

You like us! You like us! You really like us!

That or you've scrolled down here to meet our pets. These little goobers almost all have spooky names. Except one. There's always one.


This beautiful little boy was named after none other than Ichabod Crane. He was a little skittish around strangers but absolutely loved his people. He and Sherlock were babies together (kitten & puppy).

One of our fondest memories of him was seeing him cuddled up with his puppy brother. We also loved sitting on the porch with him and watching the birds.

He is sorely missed and was the sweetest. He passed in 2019.


Our investigative beagle boy named himself! When he was a tiny pup, we couldn't decide on a name so we let him pick. We wrote a dozen names on pieces of paper and placed a treat on each one and let him loose. Whichever name and treat he picked, would be his name. We tried twice and he got Sherlock each time. Other choices were Brains, Spock, and Naked. Yep. We wanted to say we walked Naked.

This pup has traveled with us to several states and even gone up on a northern New England road trip. He's a trooper and gives the best hugs. 


Named after Edgar Allan Poe.

Our Siamese is true to her breed and so talkative and mischievous. We've found her in the Christmas tree, in drawers, and at heights that make no sense.

Adore her beautiful baby photo. This was right after she chose Bryan. He didn't want a cat. But he just couldn't manage to say no to those big blue eyes.


If there is such a thing as a cat bonding to a person, it's happened with Ripley. She is absolutely bonded with Jenn and has been since she was adopted from the animal shelter.

Every night this cat insists on being tucked under the covers at Jenn's side. And if she doesn't get away fast enough, she lets everyone in the house know about it. 

Often found in warm fresh piles of laundry, Ripley is named after Ripley's Believe It Or Not and also Ripley from Alien.


Our newest shelter adoptee is Zelda. Don't look at me, Bryan named her. He was done with the spooky. However The Legend Of Zelda is a fantastic franchise, so can you really blame him?

Zelda is a very aggressive lover. No really. If you don't pet her exactly how she likes, she will take grab your hand and make you. She hasn't quite figured out lap sitting or... calm. But we love her.

Well, that's the whole gang. If you're still here, please go click some other stuff on the blog so Google will like us. K thanks. Bye.